The Long Road Home x

The Long Road Home S01E08

Lieutenant Shane Aguero can do little more then seize a Sadr City home for shelter and order eliminating any threat, even a teen boy pointing a machine-gun probably mindlessly, then his irate father and finally grandfather. Meanwhile two men risk their lives backtracking to pick up flairs to finally signal their position. Without waiting for that, colonel Volesky orders a major rescue task force. Captain Denomy, who left his newborn son behind to start on this Iraq tour, finds Aquero’s trail, but his rescue team pays a bloody price for walking in the same trap, the others aren’t much luckier. Even idealistic private 1class Tomas Young’s principles are grimly tested by fire baptism while often innocent ‘collateral’ civilian victims create an ever more hostile context. The home front can only shiver awaiting scarce news.The Long Road Home S01E08 Dual Audio HD Avi Mp4 3gp Download

The Long Road Home S01E08 Dual Audio HD Avi Mp4 3gp Download


Nov. 22, 2017

The Long Road Home season

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